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Consistant Quality

Your valuable time shouldn't be consumed by quality problems. Consistent high quality is a hallmark of the Thermafin process. The only one of its kind on the planet, the Thermafin welder processes all-copper welded solar fin tube at 250 feet or 76 meters per minute... each meter exactly the same high quality as the one before. Pressure testing and quality inspection procedures further assure the finest solar collection products available. In addition, Thermafin is the only manufacturer that backs the weld of its fintubes with an exclusive, unconditional 30 year warranty!


At Thermafin Holding, LLC every product gets a guarantee.

  • 5 years on copper fintubes and absorber plates
  • 30 years on the EMF-weld
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Thermafin has contributed to the development of absorbers which are free of emissions and environmental friendly in production and usage. Thermafin guarantees the free take back of your Thermafin absorber(s). The collected absorbers are broken down and seperated for material recycling.

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Made in the USA