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The Manufacturing Process

The Welding Line - 200,000 watts of high frequency power create the world's finest welded joint.

Specialized catapullers draw the fin and tube materials across the weld head and onto large storage reels which are used store the fintube and for transfer to the cut-to-length line.

The Cut-to-Length Line - Fully adjustable, the cut-to length line can deliver product lengths from 36" to 197" (approx 1-5 meters).

The copper fin is cut back from the tubes ends to allow for insertion into pre-drilled headers for absorber plate manufacturing.

Header Drilling - A proprietary collaring bit is used to perforate and form vertical brazing surfaces at each hole along the length of the header tube.

The vertical brazing surfaces provide a large surface contact area to insure a thick, strong brazed tube to tube joint.

Brazing - Fintubes are brazed to pre-drilled headers using silver copper alloy for strength and durability.

Completed absorbers, produced in lengths up tp 10' (3 meters), are pressure tested to 100 psi. All absorbers must pass rigid quality inspections.

Collar Joint Cross Section - The cross-section, at right, details the brazed connection between the pre-drilled headers and the fintube.

According to the American Welding Society (AWS), the strength of the brazed joint will meet or exceed that of the ajoining tubes when the joint overlap and the depth of the filler metal penetration is a minimum of three times the thickness of the thinner base metal (tube), and a well-developed fillet is present.

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