Technology - Fintube Products - Capacity and Connection

The Capacity

The trademark and biggest advantage of the Thermafin process is the production of a meter per meter steady quality and the set up of new standards in production capacities. This means an average of more than 20 m² per minute or over 3 meters per second completely coated and welded absorber fins.

Currently the yearly total capacity of Thermafin is on average 3.5 million meters of finished fins. The given data refers to our normal operation of one-shift workdays, which, short-term, can be pushed up to a three-shift workday, if necessary.

The Connection

Efficient solar collectors excel by high thermal conductivity between fin and pipe. Therefore it is especially necessary to build a consistent bond between fin and tube to achieve the best heat- transmission.

The EMF-welding-process connects pipe and fin as though they were one piece. At Thermafin, this means that, during the welding both materials are connected molecularly and build a homogenous, crystalline connection. This homogeneity of the weld is created because the highest pulse-number at the welding process is achieved at a rate of 400 times per millimeter or 400.000 times per second. No other process provides such a clean and continuous running through to the pipe. Although this kind of connection speaks for itself, we give this EMF-welding a 30-Year Warranty.

The photograph, at right, of a fintube cross-section (magnified 46 times), shows how the high frequency forge welding process provides complete and permanent bonding of fin to tube as evidenced by the grain growth across the joint.

The high frequency weld of our fintube joint insures high efficiency and unsurpassed strength.

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