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  • 30 year guarantee: The homogenous, crystalline, EMF-welding process provides an optimal fin to tube connection. The molecular connection of these materials allow us to offer a guarantee of 30 years on the weld.

  • Age stability: The EMF-welding process leaves a minimal weld signature and the fintube is resistant in signs caused by the age, for example; corrosion, breakage, rift-building, and so on.

  • Homogenous surface: At the EMF-welding, a strengthening of the connection part is not necessary. This process doesn't leave a visible destruction after coating. Silver-or gold stripes, caused by conventional welding belong herewith to the past. Further, touchup of the weld after the welding-process is not necessary.

  • Positive energy-balance: The use of EMF-welding technologies makes the Thermafin fintube products and the Thermafin absorbers plates the most economical. In comparison to other welding-processes the EMF-welding distinguishes itself by minimal energy use. Further more, through these technologies, an enormous increase in efficiency and production is reached.

  • 5 year guarantee: Thermafin offers a 5-year-guarantee on it's fintubes and absorber plates.

Product Details

Superior Strength & Durability
Exclusive Thermafin processes assure the world's finest welded and brazed joints. Heat and pressure are the secrets to the exclusive Thermafin forge welding process which is renowned for it's high performance and durability. Thermafin collar drilling is performed with a proprietary collaring bit which is used to produce a highly durable, superior strength brazed joint.

Better Efficiency & Performance
Efficient solar energy collection starts with high thermal conductivity between the fin and tube. The Thermafin welding process actually makes the tube one with the fin and creates a joint at least two times wider than the thickness of the fin copper, resulting in a clean, uninterrupted heat path unlike any other. Thermafin absorbers have no soldered or crimped seam joints to weaken or fail. The forge welding actually strengthens the joint area, unlike other welding processes, such as ultrasonics, which cause a weakening of the fin around the joint area. Thermafin uses the world's finest solar selective coating on it's coated products. The revolutionary Crystal Clear coating is based on a proprietary single-phase nanocrystalline technology recently developed by Thermafin. With a solar absorptance ranging from 0.94 to 0.96 and a thermal emissivity ranging from 0.07 to .10, Crystal Clear is a breakthrough technology that revolutionizes solar selectivr coatings.

Consistent Quality
Your valuable time shouldn't be consumed by quality problems. Consistent high quality is a hallmark of the Thermafin process. The only one of it's kind, the Thermafin welder processes all-copper welded solar fintube at 250 feet or 76 meters per minute... each meter exactly the same high quality as the one before. Pressure testing and quality inspection procedures further assure the finest solar collection products available. In addition, Thermafin is the only manufacturer that backs it's fintubes with an exclusive, unconditional 30 year warranty on the weld.

Ready Deliverability
Delays in delivery cost you critical time and money. With a total annual capacity of approximately 3 million meters, Thermafin can produce enough product to supply the entire world market! And if it's custom work you need, call us, we can deliver to most specifications. Those are comforting thoughts when you need product quickly.

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