Technology - Selective Surface - Introduction


The basic challenge in the use of solar energy is to transform solar energy radiation into useful heat. Thermafin has set a benchmark for efficiency and quality with the introduction of Crystal Clear solar selective coating.

Crystal Clear increases collector efficiency due to its unique optical properties. It has the ability to absorb short-wave light while simultaneously reflecting long-wave light. The optical properties of Crystal Clear enable the collector to reach optimum temperature in a minimal amount of time and retain the absorbed heat longer.

The Crystal Clear process is based on a proprietary single-phase nanocrystalline technology. The coating is fully encapsulated with a permanent protective glass layer serving multiple functions, including; anti-reflection, anti-corrosion and manufacturing durability.

With the solar absorptance ranging from 0.94 to 0.96 and the thermal emissivity ranging from 0.07 to 0.10, Crystal Clear is a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize solar selective coatings.

The new Crystal Clear coating is generating great excitement for solar thermal collector manufacturers. This new process promises to revolutionize solar coatings as we know them today. Crystal Clear possesses significant improvements over other solar selective coatings, including; consistent quality, lower cost for raw materials, lower power usage and less labor in the manufacturing process, and it is less environmentally threatening. All of these factors add up to unsurpassed savings for customers and rugged durability for manufacturers.

The Crystal Clear project began in August 2001 with the primary goal of refining an older technology, which was extremely inconsistent, highly inefficient and overpriced. With an assembly of 'coating experts' worldwide, Thermafin is setting the standard in solar selective coatings with the introduction of Crystal Clear. Manufacturers are quickly realizing that Crystal Clear provides better performance and higher quality while also being less expensive through cost savings and reduced material waste.

With the recent addition of a fiber optic spectrometer to the Crystal Clear manufacturing line, Thermafin is now able to monitor optical properties of the coating in real time. This additional control plays a crucial roll In assuring the customer consistent quality each and every time. In addition to the spectrometric analysis, all coated material is thoroughly inspected prior to shipment.

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