Technology - Selective Surface - Advantages


Crystal Clear Solar-Selective Coating               
under electron microscope at 12,000X.             

Revolutionary Coating Procedure

The result is dramatic. According to Lance Culver, Certified Professional Chemist, in comparison to widely used black chrome and Tinox, "Crystal Clear" has demonstrated several improvements, especially in manufacturing environments where the power costs of "Crystal Clear" can be reduced by an astonishing 96%. Better still are the improvements in pollution reduction. The new process greatly reduces the exposure of environmental pollution during production by generating no carcinogenic products and reduces the volume of water consumed by up to 90% less than that of a conventional black chrome process. Further improvements have also been dedicated to the delicate outercoating. Black chrome and Tinox was always protected by a paper or plastic film covering whereas the "Crystal Clear" is permanently sealed with a flexible quartz coating thus eliminating the previous problems associated with manufacturing.

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